10 ways to increase your IQ levels
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10 ways to increase your IQ levels

We are still in awe of the first lunar landing of humans. Have you ever considered the level of intelligence required to accomplish such a feat? We wonder about the IQ levels of the brilliant minds who made it possible.IQ or Intelligence Quotient measures cognitive talents, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and creativity. A consistently low IQ has long been a source of worry for parents and children alike.  Nevertheless, IQ is not a fixed score. Researchers found that smart and consistent brain activities can enhance cognitive abilities and improve  IQ levels significantly. Do you now think about the possibility of increasing your IQ to 300? Read on to explore some ways through which you can improve your IQ.

1. Learn to play chess and boost your IQ.

Playing chess is one of the finest ways to improve your IQ level. A Venezuelan study among 4,000 second-grade students found a significant increase in IQ scores after just 4.5 months of focused chess learning. Comparatively speaking, chess players have better cognitive performance than non-players. It also accommodates all your mental faculties.  Also, chess compels the player to think, analyze, and resolve challenging problems.  Thus it helps with cognitive abilities including planning, memory, and problem-solving. Accordingly, abilities required for playing chess correspond with several cognitive skills like memory retention and quick response that increase IQ. 

 Chess is simple to learn in this digital era. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can become an expert at the game and raise your IQ. In India, Eight Times Eight offers the top online chess classes . A seamless and engaging learning experience is ensured by excellent faculty and cutting-edge facilities. Learn chess with eight times eight and raise your IQ. It also benefits in better academic achievement.

2. Working on your visual-spatial skills.

Enhancing visual-spatial reasoning raises IQ levels. Visual-spatial intelligence is the ability to recognize and manipulate 3D visuals and shapes in one’s head on one’s own. The ability to identify an object requires both visual and analytical skills. You can train your visual-spatial abilities by engaging in activities like figuring out maps, playing video games and chess, etc.

3 . Bring small changes into your routine.

Change the way you perform the things you usually do by default to challenge your brain. It will create new connections and pathways in your brain. For instance, next time, when you brush your teeth, use the non-dominant hand. Also, practice writing with the other hand. We get accustomed to our routines. To stimulate the brain, we need to train and give our brains more complex tasks. It will help to boost your IQ eventually.

 4 . Teach yourself something new.

   Discover something new for you. Your brain is actively stimulated when you learn something new, and it makes new neural connections that were previously impossible. Try learning new things, such as picking up a new language, engaging in martial arts, learning to play chess, etc. It will make your brain more sharp improve your Intelligent Quotient.

5 . Learn to play a musical instrument.

According to recent research, learning to play a musical instrument boosts intellect by 10%. Dr. Anita Collins, a researcher on brain development and music learning, claims that playing music exercises the brain in a similar way to working out the body. Moreover, musical instruction, especially in children improves perception and cognitive abilities. Get your guitar. It increases your IQ  level.

6. Learn a new language and raise your IQ.

Studies attest to the ability of bilinguals to perform better on IQ and attention tests. Also, it improves concentration. Since you are learning a complex set of grammatical and syntactical rules, it helps cortical thickening. Language areas in the brain are so malleable and thereby learning a new language can expand your intellectual horizons and improve your brain’s capacity for concentration. Hence, one of the most efficient ways to sharpen your mental acuity is to learn a new language.

7. Sleep is your savior.

 Studies found that sleep deprivation significantly diminishes cognition. As a result, it records low IQ scores. Your IQ may drop by up to 15 points after five days in a row of sleeping less than you ought to. Sleep is essential for achieving optimal cognitive function. Thus, practice good sleep hygiene and get a good night’s rest. It can aid in enhancing your  IQ levels.

8. Brains and Brawn.

Intelligence and physical strength are intricately connected. Exercise deters cognitive impairment, studies suggest. Also, exercise improves thinking clarity by increasing the brain’s oxygen supply. It also assists in the release of neurotransmitters that are essential for maintaining brain health. So. if you want to hone your IQ, do not be a couch potato. Move your body.

 9. Solving puzzles can enhance your Intelligent Quotient.

    Puzzles demand your unwavering attention to recall pieces of different sizes and shapes. These IQ puzzles require you to closely study the issue and use logical and analytical reasoning to come up with the solution. Here, we rely entirely on memory. Solving puzzles forges new brain cell connections and strengthens the existing ones. Along with our classic jigsaw puzzles from yesteryear, there are many internet puzzles available. To increase your IQ, try to solve these.

10. Read a page a day.

 Reading is one of the best brain exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine.  Studies suggest that reading aloud to children will have a significant positive impact on their cognitive development. Reading also makes it easier to come across new words. Further, vocabulary comes under crystallized intelligence. Reading increases your vocabulary, which improves your intelligence and raises your IQ. Moreover, reading teaches you to identify patterns in words and sounds and it helps you to strengthen your cognitive abilities. Hence, consider reading if you seek ways to improve your IQ,


Your brain is incredibly adaptive, and the appropriate methods can work magic on it. Your IQ will considerably increase if you engage in brain training that challenges your cognitive abilities, such as attention, focus, and memory. Spend time for brain-stimulating activities like playing puzzle games, learning a new language, playing chess, or exercising. It will sharpen your intellect and grow your IQ. 



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