5 Tips For Choosing A Chess Coaching Academy For Your Child
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5 Tips For Choosing A Chess Coaching Academy For Your Child

Being parents, we always try to provide the best opportunities for our children. While the world was hit by the pandemic, all of us were forced into our homes and there were some drastic shifts in daily routines and activities. Our children were the ones to have been affected the most by the sudden isolation. So, figuring out methods to cope with this was necessary and hence, to learn further and even play with peers, online platforms were the only medium we could opt for.



These days, online classes have become a norm. To maintain the academic and extracurricular balance without offline coaching seems to be a pretty tough task these days. Online classes have helped us adapt to a new way of learning, thus blurring the lines between homes and schools. Now the emphasis on online learning has resulted in many online chess coaching institutions growing through the virtual space.


Chess is a cerebral game, and usually, people learn chess either individually in person or in a classroom setup at a chess coaching school. However, over the last few years, online chess coaching has picked up a pace that is impossible to slow down. We can find every chess lover using mobile apps, online chess games, puzzles, and more.
Have you noticed that your child is also interested in learning chess? If yes, then here are five tips to consider while choosing chess coaching for them.

#1 Chess Coaching as a passion not business

Choose a chess coaching where the greatest board game is not considered a business, rather considered a passion! These days we can find online coaching for anything from baking to drawing, to chess. But when you opt for an online chess coaching, make sure they are passionate about the game as you are. You can’t bring up aspiring young minds into champions if you consider the game of chess a business.

#2 Coaches are experienced Chess players

Opt online chess academy where the coaches are well established players. Consider classes where coaches are National Masters, FIDE Masters, International Masters & Grand Masters and this will make sure that your child’s chess training journey is rewarding for his/her future. With experience in playing Chess at the highest level, these established coaches of chess will be able to guide your child,
and no regular and random routine coach could match them.

#3 A well structured syllabus for Chess classes

When you approach a chess coaching academy be ready to ask some questions regarding the curriculum. Ask them about how chess is taught online in their online chess classes. Are they going to provide learning material that your child can understand without external support ? Are they going to assess your child’s level before beginning the training? The pace with which your child learns may depend on multiple factors. However, chess coaching is supposed to fit your child’s
needs. That’s the only thing that matters in the long run.

#4 Enquire their approach to Chess training

Ask if the chess training is just about learning through books or learning with examples. Make sure to understand how much practical exposure your child gets if he/she joins the class. Also to get some more information, ask if there are any in-house competitions, tournaments, challenges happening that will give the children a glance into the real world of chess competitions and make them understand the importance of such platforms. Such tournaments, chess puzzles, and assignments
based on the game are all an essential part of learning chess from an online chess coaching academy. Make sure you are enrolling your child into a chess coaching academy where learning beyond the rule book is given priority.

#5 Regular Assessment with Chess Coaching

Check with the online chess training academy if your child will be regularly assessed. It is important to know that learning is a continuous process that should never cease. Have proper communication with the academy coaches about how your child’s progress will be tracked and how they are planning to support you if the child needs some extra support. Without being assessed consistently, there is no point in paying money to learn the game of chess. Because such regular assessments are the backbone of any good online chess coaching academy. If the academy you are aiming for promises you the same, make sure you ask for sample assessments and when they provide you with samples take time to understand the aspects and evaluate.



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