When online chess classes win over traditional coaching

When online chess classes win over traditional coaching

When your news feed raves about world chess championships and grandmasters, it might have piqued your curiosity to learn the game. You can learn! There are many options available to master chess. However, the most preferable ones have always been joining a chess class. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, joining a chess class is always the best decision to learn and master the moves.

With the advent of the Internet, many institutes offer both offline and online chess. However, before proceeding, let’s explore how online chess classes gained supremacy over offline classes.

#1 Online chess classes and convenience

Due to the paucity of time, sparing time for extracurricular activities like learning chess can be quite difficult for children. Moreover, parents’ hectic schedules make it challenging to drop off and pick up their children from in-person chess classes.

online chess classes

The benefit of enrolling in an online chess class comes right here. You can access lessons sitting in the comfort of your home. This convenience is absent in offline classes.

#2 Online chess classes and global teaching

Quality of instruction is paramount for any discipline and chess is no exception. Online chess classes bring teachers across the globe. Students can learn under the guidance of world-class chess coaches through online chess learning platforms.

  When it comes to offline chess classes, it is not always feasible to get the best coaches in the world.

#3   Flexibility

In terms of online chess coaching, you can log in to the learning platform whenever it suits your schedule. They offer classes as per the student’s schedule.

Similarly, the availability of recorded lessons is another bonus you get from online chess coaching. You can make up the missing lesson recordings. In offline chess classes,  this flexibility is not an option.

#3   Abundance of resources

Online chess classes offer a wide variety of interactive learning formats that can accommodate varied tastes and learning styles.   Students have the chance to gain a deep and thorough grasp of the game because of the variety of instructional methods that are accessible

Academies can deliver teaching that goes beyond the expertise of individual coaches by utilizing the power of the Internet. They offer personalized instruction, interactive chess videos, one-on-one exercises, and group activities. Learners will get access to a plethora of tools, such as live lessons, webinars, animated tutorials, and chess puzzles, to hone their skills.

Meanwhile, offline chess classes have limitations in accommodating all these resources. They may not be able to instruct using advanced resources. For instance, students might not have access to the most recent chess programs or, or other educational resources that could improve the learning process.

#4 Inviting kids to the world of digital learning and tech fluency.

As the digital era demands proficiency in computers, mastering digital tools is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. While children indulge in online chess learning, they are acquiring digital proficiency too. As a result, IT learning becomes a cakewalk for children

For instance, they learn the basics of digital communication such as chats, text messaging, video conferencing, etc.   Thus, it assists children in laying a solid basis for their future in the digital age. They can enhance their IT literacy while simultaneously learning chess. Along with improving their chess abilities, they are also learning valuable life lessons that will help them in the future.

#5  Meeting players across the globe.

 Offline chess classes might be restrictive within the four walls of a building. It has limitations to offer a global camaraderie.

On the other hand, the vast expanse of the digital space makes online chess classes different. Accordingly, they offer platforms to meet peer learners and masters across the globe. It enhances competency and sportsmanship.

Moreover, cultural exchange helps in other areas of life too. Cross-cultural learning through online chess lessons can broaden students’ horizons. It aids in the development of a greater appreciation for diversity. Eventually, it will help them in other spheres of life as well.

#6  Connecting communities

Having a community to connect with instills joy in learning. It is true for chess too.  Chess becomes more enjoyable when learners, especially children have a supportive peer community. Online chess classes help to bond with communities of fellow chess players very easily. It instills synergy between the players. Moreover, it helps in forming close bonds with peers who have similar interests. Meanwhile, traditional chess classes have the limitation of geography in forming global peer communities.

#7  Competition is limitless

As we discussed in the case of resources, avenues for competition are limited for offline coaching. Once the learner attains a level of proficiency, it may be difficult to find an equally talented opponent to play against. It may limit growth.

But, regarding online chess classes, you can play against players with the same proficiency level from across the globe. This challenging and diverse ecosystem encourages the players and heightens their motivation.

Furthermore, online chess tournaments with seasoned players will upgrade their chess skills. These online chess competitions are a doorway to a wealth of new tactics and moves.

#8  Personalized attention

Online chess classes provide on-to-one classes and group classes with a minimal number of students. It helps the instructor to gauge the level of the learner and formulate tailor-made lessons to enhance the skillset. Thus, personalized attention and modules motivate the student to master chess.

On the other hand, if you prefer to learn through offline chess classes, chances are dim for personalized attention.

Let’s wrap up

Gone are the days, when we ran from pillar to post to find a chess coaching academy in Kerala. This limitation of offline classes has become a thing of the past with the advent of the Internet. Now people from every nook and corner of the world can learn chess from the comfort of their homes.

 Realizing the scope, several chess academies have been providing online chess classes in Kerala. It is crucial to establish online chess classes in Kerala where resources are scarce. It makes chess learning accessible to all. Sieze the opportunity and learn the game.



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